10 Days Workshop on Data structure Organized by CSE Department for Second Year Students

10 Days Workshop on Data structure Organized by CSE Department  for Second Year Students

Training Name: Data Structure using C language

Duration: 10 days (3 Aug to 12 Aug 2016)

Venue: MCA Lab

Trainer: Mr. Ashish Agrawal, Mr. Deepak Agrawal

Faculty Convener: Prof. Sanjay Bansal

Faculty Coordinator: Mr. Ashish Agrawal

Description: As data structure is one of the most important subjects in Computer field. Some of the advantages of Data structures are as follows:

  • Data structures allow information storage on hard disks.
  • provides means for management of large dataset such as databases or internet indexing services.
  • Are necessary for design of efficient algorithms.
  • allows safe storage of information on a computer. The information is then available for later use and can be used by multiple programs. Additionally, the information is secures and can not be lost (especially if it is stored on magnetic tapes).
  • allows the data use and processing on a software system.
  • Allows easier processing of data.
  • Using internet, we can access the data anytime from any connected machine (computer, laptop, tablet, phone, etc.)

So, in this training, students gain the knowledge of the same which will help in preparing for placements too.