ACRO LINUX CLUB Innauguration and Workshop on 22/10/2016

CSE Department Innaugurated Acro Linux Club and Organized a workshop on 22/10/2016

Training Name: “Basics of UNIX / LINUX”

Duration: 2 hrs. (22/10/2016)

Venue: Lab No. 116

Trainer: Ms. Shaifali Shrivastava

Faculty Convener: Prof. Sanjay Bansal

Faculty Coordinator: Ms. Shaifali Shrivastava

Description: CSE Dept of AITR launched a group named ALC’s (ACRO LINUX CLUB).

In the beginning we have planned for only 40 seat but we have 150+ students who have registered their self for First Workshop.

so we have created a batches for the same only batch I will be able to attend the workshop.