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AutAge is a IOT Android based product. Where user can monitor his two wheeler vehicle through his android smartphone. It enables you to control fuel consumption of two wheeler vehicle by tracking its mileage. It also store average data automatically in database.

Whenever user fill-up vehicle tank then within 5 min a pop-up will be generated in smartphone, which will update the user about the average, fuel consumption, Fuel level, performance, etc

Project guidance given by Ashutosh sir(EC department)

Innovation is tradition of Acropolis

You paid for 4 liter of petrol and weather right quantity of petrol is filled or not can be monitored hand to hand accurately in a very simple way and convent way by machine learning product developed by  Neelabh Pathak, Nikita vyas

Guided By Prof keshav & Aashutosh Sharma

Mentor ship By Prof Kavita namdev


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