CSE Innovations By Faculty in Teaching & Learning

Improving instruction  methods using pedagogical initiatives (innovative techniques of teaching and evaluation)
Faculty Name Subject Name Innovative technique Description Session
Dr. Shilpa Bhalerao Theory of Computation Created you tube channel Channel name :- Acropolis Aitr
youtube login id :- acroaitr.2016@gmail.com
Student uploaded their videos on various topics of TOC
jan june 2018
Dr. Sanjay Bansal DBMS/software Engineering Reward discovery P+ attendance given to students to reward innovation, creativity, and regularity. jan june 2018
Ms. Vandana Kate Analysis and Design of Algorithms Fusion of Algorithm and Python with small applications developed using  graphical GUIs Project submitted by students in ADA file with code and snapshots attached. Also one Algorithm Android app developed by student uploaded on google play store. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kapil.kapil.algosexplained                   Project exhibition was held on 19th April 2018 jan june 2018
Best Class Notebook award containing rich number of tutorial , assignment and class problems solved  in Theory of Computation Sample copy preserved jan june 2018
Ms. Nisha Rathi/Vandana Kate TOC/DS-II Online quiz forms jan june 2018
Ms. Kavita Namdev Major Project Project Exhibition Project exhibition was arranged and dignitories were invited to encourage students jan june 2018