CSE Department Inaugurated Acro-Coding-Club on March 2, 2016


CSE Department Inaugurated Acro-Coding-Club to introduce CodeChef Student Chapter on March 2, 2016

Keeping in view the demand of Quality Coding in Software Industries, Computer Science & Engineering Department is striving to open Codechef Campus Chapter at AITR. CodeChef is a platform to help programmers make it big in the world of algorithms, computer programming and programming contests. CodeChef Campus Chapters aim at promoting competitive programming in various colleges and schools around the world and help students become better problem solvers which go a long way in learning as well as in their career development. With the same objective, an introductory seminar is going to be organized with the Agenda

-What is Programming and Logic?
-How to become Professional Coder?
-How Codechef help you to become global programmer?

Registeration Process for the event was very simple interested students had to register online on the given link : http://goo.gl/forms/KOf2vWMC0z

Details of the event were as follows:

Venue: MBA Auditorium
Date:  March 2, 2016
 8:30 to 10:30 am

Faculty Advisers:

Rahul Patel, Asst. Prof, CSE Dept, AITR
Ashish Agrawal, Asst. Prof, CSE Dept, AITR

Student Coordinators:

-Shubham Patwa( shubhampatwa526@gmail.com )
-Siddharth Sharma( sid.sharma0@gmail.com)
-Siddharth Yadav( siddharthyadavcs12@gmail.com )
-Vinay Pawar( vkp.vinay016@gmail.com )

Here are some important milestones for the club’s various activities:-

Event Pics

acro_coding_club_inauguration_02 acro_coding_club_inauguration_03
acro_coding_club_inauguration_04 acro_coding_club_inauguration_05
acro_coding_club_inauguration_06 acro_coding_club_inauguration_07
acro_coding_club_inauguration_08 acro_coding_club_inauguration_09