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                                          Acropolis Institute of Technology and Research, Indore

                                            Dept. of Electronics and Communication Engineering

                                                                        “MAYAJAAL 2016” Event Report

During the E-Week 2016 department of Electronics and Communication was conducted a circuit making competition named as “MAYAJAAL the Electronic Junkyard” on 24th February, 2016. It was an intra college competition in which 19 teams of different departments and year have participated and each team consisting of two participants. The competition was held at Electronic Design lab (R.N. 117 A & B). The competition consists of two rounds. In the first round all the teams had given to make a common circuit (traffic light system) on bread board within 30 min. Components and equipments required in the circuit had provided to each team. Among 19 teams, top 6 teams were selected for round 2. In the round 2 a more complex circuits (4-way traffic light system) had given to all 6 teams to make it on bread board within 30 mins. The winner of the competition was Mr. Apan Mehta and Ms. Ekta Patel (EC II yr), I-runner up was Mr. Shiv Tiwari and Ms. Shivani Parashar (EC IIyr) and II-runner up was Mr. Prashant Vishwakarma and Mr. Sumant Mishra (EC IIyr). The winner was awarded by a price worth Rs. 500/- cash and some gift coupons and the both runner-up was awarded by a price worth Rs. 300/- and 200/- respectively cash and gift coupons. Mr. Anubhav Sharma, Mr. Abhishek Gupta, Ms. Mini Neema, Ms. Ankita Jain, Mr. Ajay Shukla, Mr. Miheer Amdekar and Mr. Abhinibesh Sinha all are from EC II yr were actively coordinated the competition. It was become successful because of the efforts of event coordinator Mr. Lalit Bandil and Mr. Paras Dayal, guidance of Dr. Manish Sharma (HOD) and suggestions of department E-Week convener Mr. Atush Jain and Mr. Ankit Jain.


Lalit Bandil

Asst. Prof. (EC Dept.)










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