Technical Skills Development Cell (TSDC)

About Tsdc :

Looking at the ever increasing demand for professional expertise and with the objective of bridging gap between academia and what industry needs, Acropolis Group of Institutions took initiative and launched its Technical Skills Development Cell (TSDC) in the year 2008.

TSDC started its operations with the sole aim of grooming students professionally so that they can map themselves to current market needs. The IT giants and MNCs undoubtedly give preference to the certified professionals. The certifications offered under TSDC gives the students an upper hand during recruitments, guaranteeing quality employment, hence, TSDC works as a platform wherein students can promote themselves in a much better and confident manner in today’s competitive market.

TSDC Student Clubs:

TSDC has successfully created various student clubs

1 APPLIED CS WITH ANDROID CLUB: – Applied CS with android is course designed by Google to prepare you for your CS career through hands on coding experience.

Aim of this workshop is to enable students to learn Data Structures and to implement them by developing some real world applications.

Applied CS also helps to learn Android Skills.

Overall Course is divided into three different tracks (each consist of 5 units):-

  1. Starter
  2. Intermediate
  3. Advanced

This workshop will enable students to get deeper understanding of use of Data Structures and at the end of each workshop students would have developed 5 Android Projects, which they can showcase in their resume, LinkedIn, Github etc.

At the end of workshop some goodies may also be given to students which will perform better and will be regular in workshop.

From each workshop some students will be selected (on basis of their performance) which will be taken into consideration for other Google Applied CS related activities.

Selected student may get opportunity to become Google Facilitator for next year and will get to attend facilitators’ Boot camp at Google Bangalore.

Facilitators performance would also give them chance for internship at Google and will open opportunity to attend Google IO (California).

This course will boost your skill set and enhance your career trajectory.

Club Head: – Dr. Sanjay Bansal

Club Coordinator: – Mr. Rahul Moriwal


  1. ACRO CODING CLUB: – Keeping in view the demand of Quality Coding in Software Industries, Computer Science & Engineering Department is striving to open Codechef Campus Chapter at AITR.


Club Head: – Dr. Sanjay Bansal

Club Coordinator: – Mr. Rahul Patel


  1. ACRO LINUX CLUB: – Linux is an operating system or a kernel which germinated as an idea in the mind of young and bright Linus Torvalds when he was a computer science student. He used to work on the UNIX OS (proprietary software) and thought that it needed improvements.

However, when his suggestions were rejected by the designers of UNIX, he thought of launching an OS which will be receptive to changes, modifications suggested by its users.

Club Head: – Dr. Sanjay Bansal

Club Coordinator: – Ms. Shaifali Shrivastav


4 Ethical Hacking CLUB: – Information security is a state of well-being of information and infrastructure in which the possibility of theft, tampering, and disruption of information and services is kept low.

  • Hack value – is the notion among hackers that something is worth doing or is interesting.
  • Vulnerability – is the existence of a weakness (design or implementation error) that can lead to

an unexpected event compromising the security of the system.

  • Exploit – is a breach of an IT system security through vulnerabilities.
  • Payload – is the part of an exploit code that performs an intended malicious action.
  • Zero-Day attack – is an attack that exploits the computer vulnerability before software engineer

releases a patch.

  • Doxing – Publishing personally identifiable information about an individual or organization.
  • Bot – is a software application that can be controlled remotely to execute or automate predefined tasks.
  • Warfare – or info war refers to the use of information and communication technologies to take

advantage over an opponent.

  • Hacking – Unauthorized attempts to bypass the security mechanisms of an information system

or network.

Club Head: – Dr. Sanjay Bansal

Club Coordinator: – Mr. Satyam Shrivastava


  1. IOT CLUB: – Internet of Things represents a general concept for the ability of network devices to sense and collect data from the world around us, and then share that data across the Internet where it can be processed and utilized for various interesting purposes.

Some also use the term industrial Internet interchangeably with IoT. This refers primarily to commercial applications of IoT technology in the world of manufacturing. The Internet of Things is not limited to industrial applications, however.

Club Head: – Dr. Sanjay Bansal

Club Coordinator: – Mr. Prashant Sharma


  1. IOS CLUB: – The iOS user interface is based upon direct manipulation, using multi-touch gestures. Interface control elements consist of sliders, switches, and buttons. Interaction with the OS includes gestures such as swipe, tap, pinch, and reverse pinch, all of which have specific definitions within the context of the iOS operating system and its multi-touch interface. Internal accelerometers are used by some applications to respond to shaking the device (one common result is the undo command) or rotating it in three dimensions (one common result is switching between portrait and landscape mode). Apple has been significantly praised for incorporating thorough accessibility functions into iOS, enabling users with vision and hearing disabilities to properly use its products.


Club Head: – Dr. Sanjay Bansal

Club Coordinator: – Ms. Zeba Qureshi


  1. Machine Learning CLUB: – Machine learning is a subfield of artificial intelligence (AI). The goal of machine learning generally is to understand the structure of data and fit that data into models that can be understood and utilized by people.

Although machine learning is a field within computer science, it differs from traditional computational approaches. In traditional computing, algorithms are sets of explicitly programmed instructions used by computers to calculate or problem solve. Machine learning algorithms instead allow for computers to train on data inputs and use statistical analysis in order to output values that fall within a specific range. Because of this, machine learning facilitates computers in building models from sample data in order to automate decision-making processes based on data inputs.

Any technology user today has benefitted from machine learning. Facial recognition technology allows social media platforms to help users tag and share photos of friends. Optical character recognition (OCR) technology converts images of text into movable type. Recommendation engines, powered by machine learning, suggest what movies or television shows to watch next based on user preferences. Self-driving cars that rely on machine learning to navigate may soon be available to consumers.

Machine learning is a continuously developing field. Because of this, there are some considerations to keep in mind as you work with machine learning methodologies, or analyze the impact of machine learning processes.


Club Head: – Dr. Sanjay Bansal

Club Coordinator: – Mr. Yogesh Kakde


  1. UI Design CLUB:- User interface design (UI) or user interface engineering is the design of user interfaces for machines and software, such as computers, home appliances, mobile devices, and other electronic devices, with the focus on maximizing usability and the user experience. The goal of user interface design is to make the user’s interaction as simple and efficient as possible, in terms of accomplishing user goals (user-centered design).

Good user interface design facilitates finishing the task at hand without drawing unnecessary attention to itself. Graphic design and typography are utilized to support its usability, influencing how the user performs certain interactions and improving the aesthetic appeal of the design; design aesthetics may enhance or detract from the ability of users to use the functions of the interface.[1] The design process must balance technical functionality and visual elements (e.g., mental model) to create a system that is not only operational but also usable and adaptable to changing user needs.

Interface design is involved in a wide range of projects from computer systems, to cars, to commercial planes; all of these projects involve much of the same basic human interactions yet also require some unique skills and knowledge. As a result, designers tend to specialize in certain types of projects and have skills centered on their expertise, whether that be software design, user research, web design, or industrial design.

  1. AWS Academy CLUB: – Amazon Web Services (AWS) began offering IT infrastructure services to businesses in the form of web services — now commonly known as cloud computing. One of the key benefits of cloud computing is the opportunity to replace up-front capital infrastructure expenses with low variable costs that scale with your business. With the Cloud, businesses no longer need to plan for and procure servers and other IT infrastructure weeks or months in advance. Instead, they can instantly spin up hundreds or thousands of servers in minutes and deliver results faster.

Today, Amazon Web Services provides a highly reliable, scalable, low-cost infrastructure platform in the cloud that powers hundreds of thousands of businesses in 190 countries around the world. With data center locations in the U.S., Europe, Brazil, Singapore, Japan, and Australia, customers across all industries are taking advantage of the following benefits:

Low Cost

AWS offers low, pay-as-you-go pricing with no up-front expenses or long-term commitments. We are able to build and manage a global infrastructure at scale, and pass the cost saving benefits onto you in the form of lower prices. With the efficiencies of our scale and expertise, we have been able to lower our prices on 15 different occasions over the past four years.

Agility and Instant Elasticity

AWS provides a massive global cloud infrastructure that allows you to quickly innovate, experiment and iterate. Instead of waiting weeks or months for hardware, you can instantly deploy new applications, instantly scale up as your workload grows, and instantly scale down based on demand. Whether you need one virtual server or thousands, whether you need them for a few hours or 24/7, you still only pay for what you use.

Open and Flexible

AWS is a language and operating system agnostic platform. You choose the development platform or programming model that makes the most sense for your business. You can choose which services you use, one or several, and choose how you use them. This flexibility allows you to focus on innovation, not infrastructure.


AWS is a secure, durable technology platform with industry-recognized certifications and audits: PCI DSS Level 1, ISO 27001, FISMA Moderate, FedRAMP, HIPAA, and SOC 1 (formerly referred to as SAS 70 and/or SSAE 16) and SOC 2 audit reports. Our services and data centers have multiple layers of operational and physical security to ensure the integrity and safety of your data.

Club Head: – Dr. Sanjay Bansal

Club Coordinator: – Mr. Rahul Patel



Vision:- Grooming Students as per industry needs thereby increasing the employability of every Acropolian.

Mission:- Conducting Frequent Industry oriented practical courses, workshops and Expert Talk that helps achieve TSDC Vision.


  • Cost Effective :- TSDC is a step forward towards helping students to identify their potentials and groom their technical and interpersonal skills, thereby, becoming competitive with current market needs. TSDC offers courses on highly discounted rates, the small amount of fees (if sometimes) chargeable is only to meet certain external expenses or certification costs. Hence, as a student at TSDC yousave big costs that would have otherwise incurred to do the same course(s) from other commercial or professional institutes.
  • Time Saving :- Since TSDC is a part of Acropolis (and within the college campus), students doing courses save lot of time and efforts that they might have wasted in commuting from college to coaching and return, moreover, the schedules of TSDC courses are planned minimizing students’ academic loss or lecture miss.
  • Expert Guidance :- TSDC offer expert guidance under one roof, you as a student of Acropolis college have a privilege of getting to know and hear from industry experts directly before entering the cut-throat market competition.
  • Industry Visits:- TSDC frequently conducts educational tours and industry visits, the students through these tours are made aware of latest trends in the industry. Solid conceptual background through classroom lectures and their practical implementations through frequent educational tours to industries is a big value addition to student’s employability.
  • Additional Qualification with your Degree :- Looking at today’s competitive world, having vendor certifications with the basic degree enhances knowledge, make students more practical oriented and adds to the employability of the student.

Why should one become certified?

1.  It provides a proof of professional achievement.
2.  Increases your marketability and employability.
3.  Provides better opportunities for advancement in your area of work.
4.  Raises confidence in you and your company services.

TSDC offers myriad courses and workshops, that are conducted frequently from time to time round the year; TSDC offers job oriented courses & international certification to its students; we also call upon experts from industry & academia to impart technical knowledge to our students adding more practical value to our courses and workshops.
TSDC has following International certifications on offer –
Brand / Academy Courses
Microsoft Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS)

Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD)

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)

MTA courses –

Microsoft Windows Development Fundamentals

Microsoft Web Development Fundamentals

Microsoft .NET Fundamentals

Microsoft Networking Fundamentals

Oracle Oracle Certified Associate (OCA)

Oracle Certified Professional (OCP)

Oracle Certified Java Professional (OCJP)

Oracle Certified Web Component Developer (OCWCD)

Oracle Certified Business Component Developer (OCBCD)

Brand / Academy Courses
EMC EMC Professional Associate (EMC PA)

EMC Cloud Architect (EMC CA)

EMC Data Center Architect (EMC DCA)

Redhat  RedHat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA)

Centre of Excellence

 IBM DB2 fundamentals



IIT Bombay Spoken Tutorials Linux, PHP-MySQL, Latex etc..
Brand / Academy Courses
Google Applied Cs With Android  program
AWS  AWS solution architect associate(CCA) cloud computing architecture
Cyber Security  Cyber security, computer security or IT security is the protection of computer systems from the theft and damage to their hardware, software or information, as well as from disruption or misdirection of the services they provide.
MongoBD Certification exam

Alliance Name

Microsoft Technology


Oracle Academy
EMC2 Academy
IBM Center of Excellence
Adv. Java & Framework
UI Design & Photoshop
Machine learning
Big Data
Data Analytics
Data Science
Logic Building
Ruby on Rail
Applied Cs With Android
In addition to above international certifications TSDC also offers professional and industry oriented courses based on current market demand like PHP-MySQL, Android development, iPhone development etc…
Creo Trainings :- For the students of Mechanical Engineering, Computer Added Drafting, Computer AddedProduct Design (CAD) and simulation with CAE are the subjects of prime importance. To gain the knowledge and compete in the present day industrial world, the students must be trained in the most modern soft-ware viz. pro/Engineer (creO), AutoCad, pro /Mechanical (creo simulate), etc. The Mechanical Engineering department has purchased these software and provides world-class trainers to make the students capable for obtaining the best employment opportunities. Students also get certification from leading software companies as a value addition.
Red Hat Academy:- Schools across the globe are recognizing the value and need to teach students relevant and proven Linux knowledge and skills in their technology programmes. Red Hat® Academy provides education programmes in high schools, higher education institutes and economic development organisations worldwide with the technology and support to offer a Linux® academic curriculum. Acropolis opted for Red Hat Academy on train-the-trainer pattern with the aim of making its students abreast with latest technological trends in Linux®. The courses that will be run under Red Hat academy willbe Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA).
Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) :- The MTA suite of certification products helps schools teach and validate core IT infrastructure, software development and database administration knowledge. Becoming MTA certified provides students with better opportunities of a career in while allowing them to demonstrate aptitude for advanced certifications, internships, apprenticeships and some entry-level jobs. Acropolis under its Microsoft Academy runs various MTA courses like:
  • Web Development Fundamentals
  • MS SQL Server
  •  Database Fundamentals
 Oracle Academy :- Oracle Academy is a $1 billion commitment made by Oracle Corporation to provide Oracle software, curriculum and certification resources to the higher education community. Its intention is to enable educators to use cutting edge resources to provide the most substantial educational experiences to students in all disciplines. Oracle Academy resources are proving relevant across the academic spectrum. Our faculties are using the resources in a variety of ways:
  • core component to an advanced database class
  • capstone course in an MBA Information Technology program
  • introduce industry certification materials in an Information Systems course
  • to track and aggregate results in chemistry experiments
  • to store population data in urban planning courses
  • relational database illustration tool inintroductory database courses
Computer science, engineering and information systems students gain exposure to Oracle’s world-class software, giving them a competitive advantage as they prepare to enter the workforce. The certifications offered under this academy are:
– Oracle Certified Associate (OCA)

– Oracle Certified Professional (OCP)

Workforce Development Program


AITR is Oracle India Private Limited’s education partner for conducting Oracle Workforce Development Program (WDP). Partners conduct WDP courses using Oracle software, curriculum and courseware – designed and developed by Oracle University.

To address the growing shortage of skilled employees in global information technology and challenge of increasingly competitive work environment, Department of Computer Science and Engineering is providing authorized training on Oracle Technologies.

Oracle Workforce Development Program (WDP) partnership is an opportunity for AKGEC students to have in-house Oracle training at low cost. WDP training prepares students for Oracle Certification Exam. With the widely-acclaimed credential of Oracle certification, WDP students are readied for a variety of entry-level Oracle job-roles as well as career advancement.

Currently, the department is providing training on the following modules:

Module 1: Oracle Database 11g: Introduction to SQL 2.0 (40 hrs)
Module 2: Oracle Database 11g: Administration Workshop I 2.0 (40 hrs)

(July 2016-June 2017)

The first batch was started on July, 2016 and has been completed successfully on August 2017. Total of 100 students were enrolled in it.

(July 2017 Onwards)

The second batch has been started in July 2017.

Benefits to Students:

  • Students under WDP get easy access to official curriculum developed by oracle, keeping in mind the international certification.
  • Students get course completion certificate. Under this Oracle provided 100 original user licenses to AITR so that students can learn the technology on real time environment from Oracle.
  • Each student gets individual e-Kit which is easy to access and carry in platforms like laptops or mobile phones.
  • Students under this program also get to attend sessions from industry experts who run them through various trends and importance of international certification in their career growth.
EMC Academic Alliance :- The EMC® Academic Alliance programme, a collaboration with colleges and universities worldwide, was created to address the lack of skill resulting from the growing volume and complexity of data. This sharp increase in data creation and the heightened importance of storing, protecting, and managing it, has elevated information storage as a central function of the IT infrastructure.
EMC offers the unique ‘open’ Information Storage and Management (ISM) course as part of the commitment to global citizenship and social investment. This course will arm students with the knowledge necessary to stand out in the job market and improve their competitive advantage. The certification offered under this programme is:

– EMC Professional Associate (EMC PA)

Microsoft IT Academy


AITR is making constant efforts towards the growth and development of students as future technocrats, by providing ample opportunities for industry interactions to bridge the gap between academics and industry requirements. In persistence with this pursuit, AITR started the Microsoft IT Academy (MSITA) at its campus in November 2012 under the ageis of the Department of Computer Science & Engineering. The college is an authorized Microsoft IT Academy Program Member.

The courses under MSITA are designed by Microsoft and are delivered by ‘Microsoft Trained Trainers’ through Microsoft Delivery Partners.  cyber learning Conducts the course at AITR. The enrolled students are exposed to the latest Microsoft Technologies that enable them to be market ready thereby increasing their placement opportunities manifolds.

The courses consisting of two levels of 50 hours each are focused on training the students on Microsoft leading technologies. Besides theory and lab sessions, each level comprises of project work based on Microsoft technologies.

On completion of the level(s), the students are awarded participation certificates. The students can subsequently appear for Microsoft Global Certifications.

Students from B.E II and III year and MCA II enroll for the course. Five batches have successfully completed the course and cleared the Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification during academic years 2012-13, 2013-14,  2014-15,2015-16 and 2016-17. The sixth batch is undergoing training during the current academic year.

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) :- A Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification helps validate proficiency in using Microsoft Office products and meets the demand for the most up-to-date skills on the latest Microsoft technologies. Candidates who pass a certification exam show that they can meet globally recognised performance standards. Acropolis, under its MOS licenses with Microsoft provides training and certification for Microsoft Office Excel 2007 and Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007.
Updation Programmes in Civil :- In addition to the university syllabus, students of Civil Engineering are provided with various opportunities to keep pace with the industry requirement. Students undergo Special Training Programmes, which among others include training on Green Buildings, Construction Quality Monitoring, Construction Project Management, Entrepreneurship Development, Advanced Surveying Techniques, AutoCAD, STADD Pro and MS Project.
Bentley Softwares :- State-of-the-art civil computer laboratory is equipped with more than 50 Applied Softwares of Civil Engineering. It includes Bentley Software covering various civil engineering specialisations like Structural Design, Water and Hydraulic Engineering, Plant Design and Operations, Geomatics GIS and Mapping, Roads and Bridge Design, etc.



1.       Dr. Sanjay Bansal (Prof. & Head CSE & TSDC)

2.       Dr. Amit Khare (TSDC Incharge)

3.       Mr. Rahul Moriwal (Coordinator)

4.       Mr. Deepak Agrawal (Coordinator)

5.       Mr. Vishal Chandel (Co-Coordinator)

6.       Mr. Kapil Vyas (Co-Coordinator)

7.       Ms. Deepika Chouhan (Co-Coordinator)


Photography & Editorial Members

1.      Deepesh Agrawal

2.      Ankit Choudhary

3.      Abhishek Khandelwal

4.      Irfan Khan

TSDC Presentation

1.       Mr. Makarand Karambelkar

2.       Mr. Abizer Saify

Content Writing & Activity Report

1.       Ms. Akriti Jain

2.       Ms. Ashi Sahu

3.       Ms. Aditi Gupta

4.       Archie Sengar

Attendance & Feedback

1.      Mr. Aman Rathore

2.      Jigyasa Dave

3.      Muskan Tongia

4.      Khushboo Ahuja

5.      Diksha Kharche


1.        Amazon Web Services

2.        Machine Learning

3.        Internet of Things

4.        Android

5.        Big Data Hadoop

6.        Data Analytics

7.        Advanced Java

8.        Ruby on Rails

9.        Ios

10.    Angular Js/ Node Js


1.        Prerequisites workshop on Amazon Web Services

2.        Google Applied CS with Android

3.        Internet of Things

4.        Python

5.        Internet of Things

6.        Logic Development

7.        Data Structure & Algorithm

8.        Web Development

9.        Complete Software Process Analysis with Rational Rose

10.    Photoshop

Trainer Name Industry
Mr. Sarvesh Sharma (Big Data Expert) ExaTip Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Prasheel Soni (Android Expert) HOTWAX Pvt. Ltd
Mr. Lalit Kushwah(Data Analytics Expert) HOTWAX Pvt. Ltd
Jankilal Dhakad (Android with Iot Expert) Innoeye Technology Pvt. Ltd.
Devendra Rathore (Big Data Expert) Erudite Society
Pratik Sinha (Android Trainer) Zenzar Technology
Taushif Khan ( Data Analytics Expert with Oracle) Oracle
Prema Raju Kiran ( Data Analytics Expert with Oracle) Oracle
Sandesh Tiwari ( Data Analytics Expert with Oracle) Freelancer

Ms. Vandana Kate, Ms. Kavita Namdev, Mr. Deepak Agrawal, Mr. Rahul Patel, Mr. Rahul Moriwal

Mr. Anurag Punde, Mr. Prashant Sharma, Mr. Keshav Purswani, Mr. Yogesh Kakde, Ms. Shaifali Shrivastava, Ms. Zeba Qureshi, Ms. Diksha Santwani,

  1. Mobiweb Technologies
  2. Seven Motors Private Limited
  3. ABOVE Solution
  4. ADVANZ 101 Systems Pvt. Ltd
  5. Tech racers Pvt. Ltd
  6. 47 billion Pvt. Ltd
  7. E-Erudite
  8. Gems Essence Infotech pvt. Ltd
  9. Renuka Soft tech
  10. NDIA Infotech Gowebbaby
  11. VotiveTechnologies Indore,
  12. Yuvasoft Solutions Indore-JD
  14. Sofmen Technologies Pvt Ltd!
  15. Divergent Soft Lab
  16. CDN Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd
  17. Gabriel India 11500
  19. Gyrix TechnoLabs
  21. 24
  22. Softman pvt ltd
  23. Uvasoft pvt ltd.
  24. Raas Info solutions
  25. SoftGetix Inc.
  26. GSF Batch- III Company
  27. Sofmen Technologies Pvt Ltd
  30. Genesis Technologies