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Student Projects


It is an Android application which is aimed to enable DHH  ( deaf and hard hearing ) people to use the calling feature of phone  since texting and using sign language is time consuming.  It does so by  converting voice to text in real time.Whatever the callee is speaking at  one end will be displayed in the form of text on the other end.
Project Guide : Mr. Avinash Singh Bundela ( Asst. Prof. CSE Department)
Project Coordinator : Miss Kavita Namdev (Senior Asst. Prof. CSE
Department) and Dr. Sanjay Bansal (HOD CSE Department)

12-3-2018Cs-2 Final year students-3 12-3-2018Cs-2 Final year students Presentation2 12-3-2018Cs-2 Final year students Presentation

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