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Training on Big Data Hadoop


The 30 days hands on workshop to help the students to learn latest trends and technologies. Big data and Hadoop is one of the latest technologies in today’s world. At the end of the workshop students will be able to learn and use analytics , map reduce and different file system like HDFS, different tools like pig, hive, hBase etc.  Students are taking part in the workshop asking so many questions to the trainers and helping themselves  learn new things and trying to implementing the things practically. The trainers will also be helping to develop the lab where they will create clusters, so that it helps to students to make or develop the projects using them.

Training Name: Industrial Training Program

Duration: 120 hrs (05 July to 04 August 2017)

Venue: Lab no. 17 (DRH)

Trainer: Mr. Devendra Singh

Faculty Convener: Prof. Sanjay Bansal

Faculty Coordinator: Mr. Rahul Moriwal, Dr. Amit Khare (Under TSDC)




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