About Us

Since last several years it has been observed that there is a gap between the academia and the skills required by the industry. With the vision of bridging the gap between classroom and industry Skills Development Cell was started in 2016 by Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering, Acropolis Institute of Technology and Research, Indore.

SDC is a joint initiative of faculties and students started by Prof. Jyoti Pipariya and two of his students Ahtesham Hashmi and Apurv Dubey under the guidance and patronage of Dr. Uday Chandrawat (HOD, Dept. of ECE).

We are working towards inculcating technical and entrepreneurial skills in engineering students to transform them into self sustained individuals able to create a better society and ultimately a better future for the world.

To promote this intellection of skills amongst students, Skills Development Cell is working in mutual collaboration with students as well as corporate bodies like, Autosys, Contrive Technologies, Silicon Design Lab Pvt Ltd, Codenscious Pvt Ltd, Indeyes Infotech, Aptron Solutions, SkyFi Labs Bangalore etc. ensuring optimum success and achievement of our goal.



All of us at Skills Development Cell share a common belief that nothing is impossible to achieve with mutual cooperation and team work.

We strive to bring all the students under one roof, with one mission that is “Self-Development”

We firmly believe that self motivation is the key to all success and we are working hard to inspire students and awaken the spirit of self-motivation amongst them through our various programs.

Creating an ecosystem to provide a platform for collective building of intellect with a spirit of team work and mutual cooperation and coordination is what we continually strive for.



·      Inovation Club

Skills Development Cell, for the promotion of analytical skills and Research & Development amongst students has started an Innovation club in association with SkyFi Labs Pvt Ltd Bangalore.

The innovation club aims to facilitate young engineering students working in the direction of R&D by providing them with the necessary guidance and tools needed by them to realize their ideas and thoughts into practically feasible solutions.


·      Technepreneur


Technepreneur is another initiative by SDC aimed to promote entrepreneurship amongst the students, with a twist that the start-up idea must be related to science and technology.

Students who are working on technical start-ups will be provided support, guidance and incubation under this initiative.


·      Sci-Tech Awareness Club


A club for sharing technical knowledge and insights amongst all the students and young enthusiasts.

·      Internship Program


SDC- Internship Program is an initiative by us helping students to get real life exposure and experience of the industry.

We are helping students to get internship opportunities in good and reputable companies of the city. For companies and start-ups we will assist in selection procedure through enlisting the best students from the department.

·      Building from Scratch


Building from scratch is a platform facilitated by SDC at which established entrepreneurs share the story of their journey from the very beginning to till date and motivate and help students to build their own startups.

Our Team

Skills Development Cell is unique in one more sense that we maintain a full corporate organizational structure, where students at various corporate positions shoulder various responsibilities and run and manage the organization entirely under the guidance of faculty mentors.

T E A M- Together Everyone Achieves More.

  • Patron:        U.B.S. Chandrawat
  • Convener: Jyoti Pipariya
  • Co-Convener: Swapna Pillai
  • STUDENT HEAD ( Chairman of Executive Board)
  • STUDENT CO-HEAD ( Secretary of Executive Board)



We at SDC believe that every student deserves nothing but the best and the highest quality education and we are working very hard everyday and numerous hours are being spent to ensure this. Every event we organize goes through rigorous quality and standards check before it comes to the ground and is closely monitored by officials during the course of its running as well.

This notice is another step in our constant and determined efforts to bring you the best in class service and safeguard you from misguiding and false information.

The use of official, SDC(Skills Development Cell), Dept. of ECE, AITR, Indore logo(attached here) is authorized to SDC officials only!

Any person, if wishes to use our logo and name, is required to seek permission in written from SDC officials before hand.

And if anyone is found using our official logo out of authority in any from under any circumstances

whatsoever, without our explicitly written and signed approval will be held liable to severe disciplinary action.

Also, it is being made clear here that SDC promotes events/workshops/training/seminars and any other activity endorsed by it through it’s official Facebook page and or through its appointed officials only.

Any other person other than authorized officials, tries to or promotes any activity in the name of SDC will be held liable for strict disciplinary action, and SDC shall not in any form or manner be held responsible for any kind of losses incurred by anyone due to such unauthorized activities.